Jena University

The FSU Jena still maintains the sense of innovation which characterized its early period, and today it views itself as a forward-looking hub for new research fields and emerging generations of scientists. As a result, the University traditionally thinks and operates on an interdisciplinary and international basis. Over 18,000 students currently study at the University in Jena, and a large proportion of these students have an international background. Moreover, Jena’s character has been fundamentally shaped by the embedding of the University within the city’s historically rich and diverse cultural landscape, as well as the emergence of the region as a hotbed for innovative and economically successful high-tech companies. As an active initiator in the fields of science, culture, and business, the University is committed to promoting the development of the city and region as a whole.

Blue Room Innovation

Blue Room Innovation is an Innovation, Technology and Financing consultancy based in Girona, Spain. Our roots are with the artificial intelligence and ICT, when 15 years ago Easy Innova firm was born to bring smart digital technologies from research to create business value for our clients.

Fraunhofer MOEZ
Innovation processes do not stop at national borders. They boost the international competitiveness of companies and regions. They facilitate sustainable growth and simultaneously contribute towards solving global problems. Here, in close partnership with our public and private customers, we develop and implement sophisticated solutions that address the specific problems posed by knowledge and technology transfer.
Created in 2003 by the Government of the Brussels-Capital region, the Brussels Enterprise Agency (BEA) has rapidly become the leading partner for any starting or experienced entrepreneur in the Brussel-Capital region. In 2013, BEA was rebaptised
The core missions of are :
1. To be the interface that enables all those doing business in the Brussels Region to find immediately and easily the specific information that they need, and to identify immediately and easily the people in public and private organisations who will help them consolidate their projects on a lasting basis.
2. To propose a growth ecosystem to innovative Brussels enterprises, in which they can acquire and share skills, meet partners and benefit from dedicated coaching throughout their growth cycle.
3. To provide selective support to high potential entrepreneurs in a limited but constantly re-evaluated range of topics, when such support is not accessible in the market.
The Brussels-Capital region entrusts to delegated tasks related to economic development. also manages several European programmes.

Swerea IVF
Swerea IVF develops and implements new technologies and new working methods within a range of sectors focusing on product, process and production development. We also offer in-depth expertise in relation to materials properties and applications for ceramic, polymer and textile materials. The goal is to create clear competitive advantages for the companies and organisations that turn to us. Swerea IVF’s research and development activities always aim to be readily convertible into new offers and business opportunities for our customers. For this reason, proximity and cooperation are absolute keywords for us.

Swerea IVF AB
P. O. Box 104
SE-431 22 Mölndal

Telephone +46 (0)31-706 60 00
Fax +46 (0)31-27 61 30


Veneto Innovazione Spa
Veneto Innovazione is the in-house company of the Veneto regional Government. It implements regional policies and actions to develop applied research and innovation particularly focusing on SMEs. The company also helps the Veneto Region to carry on the digital agenda and to reduce the digital divide. Veneto Innovazione offers services for both domestic and international technology transfer. It provides support to the transfer of public scientific research results, following the filing of patent applications and promoting the exploitation on the market. Veneto Innovazione Spa is the regional reference of Enterprise Europe Network for innovation and technology transfer which helps SMEs to be more competitive through technology brokering dedicated services and assessing their innovation management capacity. With this role Veneto Innovazione also assists SME Instrument beneficiaries to have success on the market through specific coaching services.

The company participates in some European projects that analyze how much innovation is spread among SMEs and propose new models of development or new services to innovate.

Veneto Innovazione Spa
Enterprise Europe Network-North East Italy
Via Ca’ Marcello 67/D, 30172 Mestre – Venezia
Phone.:+39 041 8685301 Fax: +39 041 5322133

“Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporter’s Association” (IKMIB) was established In 1991 as a semi-governmental and nonprofit organization with the purpose of conduct studies related to the foreign trade. The main missions of IKMIB are enlisted as; Export Registration; IKMIB registers exports and keep the statistics.
Trade Promotion and Development; IKMIB supports its members in participating in international fairs. Trade delegations are arranged in abroad and delegations coming to Turkey are hosted to facilitate interaction between Turkish and foreign businessmen. Economic Research and Reporting; to improve decision-making process various reports are prepared and shared with related bodies. Main categories of these types of reports are; Market research reports, Country and product profiles, Quarterly export evaluation reports, news and Views Bulletin, Reports of the international relations, Reports on determination the policies at the international level, publicly accessible database.
Consulting; IKMIB provides information about trade regulations and practices for both Turkey and other countries. Advising practical information on market access into the world markets Coordination and Public Relations; IKMIB act as a bridge between private sector and governmental bodies and contribute the development of the sectoral policies by the government. Communicates and cooperates with other national and international organizations.
Training; within the training activities IKMIB organizes seminars, courses, workshops and contributes educational bodies such as universities and vocational schools for skilled men power. Publication; Multilingual publications such as Chemist, Beautyland, Kitchenware distributed to member companies and other related institutions.

Tel: +90 212 454 01 26
Fax: +90 212 454 00 01

La Salle
The Innova Institute is part of GREITIM (Grup de Recerca en Gestió de l’Emprenedoria i la Innovació de base Tecnològica), an emergent research group recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The Innova Institute mission is to produce cutting-edge research in the areas of ICT Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Working around the world, the Institute is inspired by the institutional values of La Salle, to integrate people from a wide variety of origins to advance in the generation of scientific knowledge. The researchers at the Innova Institute lead the application of advanced academic research outputs, into technological innovation processes in companies that face economic and social transformation challenges. The Institute promotes the education of first level researchers, providing them with the competencies, knowledge and skills needed to integrate theories and practice in the areas of engineering and business management. The Innova Institute collaborates internationally to bring intellectual leadership to organizations and companies facing challenges on technological innovation and entrepreneurship. The Institute positions itself as an independent actor, interested in attracting partners with similar interests, to participate in the creation of welfare by supporting the foundation of new technology-based companies and by improving the established companies by means of technological innovation.


OPENiSME targets this issue, in order to support and increase the competitivity of European SMEs. The assumption is that the lack of OI platform use by SMEs should not (only) ascribed to cultural barriers, but it is caused by the fact that real SMEs needs are not currently met by existing Open Innovation Tools, also due the business model they apply, that can sometime distance SMEs.
Starting from a platform already successfully used by Large Companies, OPENiSME goal is to evolve it to satisfy the (very different) SMEs’ needs, benefitting also from a “platform of platform” approach. Discover how we work together here!


Linknovate is a startup founded in 2012, in Palo Alto (CA) at the Stanford University accelerator program, with the objective to help companies identify emerging technologies, and technology-enabled markets, and the key-players behind them. Linknovate provides “Competitive Intelligence as a Service”. They do this by developing software tools, like their search engine: Linknovate.comand by providing personalized reports (which involve analysts work and human curation beyond machine learning and NLP). They serve clients in multiple industries such as energy (Repsol), automotive (Faurcia, BMW), consumer electronics (Jabil Inc.), healthcare (Acis), biotech (IBA-Group). Learn more about our collaboration here!




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