Nir-vana covers the open innovation challenges


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The Autumn of NIR-VANA:
mature for harvesting

The Autumn is involved with the:
> promotion of natural processes,
> growth and ultimate maturation,
> two forces in opposition in nature, but together creating the impression that the season will not end and announcing a new phase at the same time.

Nir-vana open innovation platform: present & future!

However, not only nature but also all kinds of projects and ventures enter the phase in which the project just achieved the initial objectives and arrived at its first orientation regarding the exploitation and business plan and the terra incognita in the front. The moment is rich, full of fruits, nevertheless not all of them can be consumed in the precise moment of harvesting, but need additional conservation, manufacturing and transformations.

Nir-vana. Where is the open innovation platform?

The NIR-VANA project is exactly at this point right now.

H2020 Project Phase

The H2020 project phase has just ended with very positive results as for instance regarding the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) pilot results in which we co-created specific functionalities of the platform requested by the EEN Innovation Advisors (IAs) and their clients, SMEs.

We were able to engage 249 EEN IAs, 184 non-EEN IAs as well as 350 SMEs from 28 EU countries, which means over 700 people who currently use the platform and already have 5986 collaboration spaces created in the platform.

Currently, NIR-VANA is ready to be the collaboration and open innovation platform for the entire Enterprise Europe Network and EASME considers NIR-VANA as it is today to perfectly match the needs of EEN Innovation advisors and their clients.

Additionally, NIR-VANA considers a wider business framework for commercialization of NIRVANA project results among new SMEs, innovators, SME associations, technology parks, and other relevant actors for the innovation ecosystem.

The way in front is open, promising and full of unknown and surprising ventures at the beginning of the autumn adventure.

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