What is Blockchain technology used for?



Blockchain Technology
_a brief introduction

The Blockchain was born in 2008-2009 as a technology that controls, through a chain of ordered and unmodifiable blocks, the transactions carried out with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The blockchain is a decentralized technology whose first success story was Bitcoin.

Its main advantage is that, given a network of users and nodes that carry out transactions, Blockchain technology maintains an immutable and distributed registry of these operations, keeping copies of the same registry between the different nodes that are part of the network.

Blockchain represents a change of paradigm that offers numerous business opportunities and has already generated a professional niche with possibilities beyond doubt.



How do you secure data?

Blockchain timestamping for all stream posts

Nir-vana increases the security of your information in the platform! All posts posted in the spaces’ streams are registered now into the blockchain. In this way, we can demonstrate that you shared something with someone in NIR-VANA becaming a proof of collaboration.
Thanks to the blockchain technology, Nir-vana gives you a real proof of the existence of your content (exchanged messages in Nir-vana, files you can send to a partner through Nir-vana…). Thanks to the blockchain technology applied, you can demonstrate through a hash* that you are the owner of the content you share, this is an evidence of authenticity you have.

>>> What is a hash? | Nir-vana apply a short irreversible alphanumeric representation of your content (exchanged messages in Nir-vana, images you can send in a working room…). This is a key that represents your content ownership. View step 4 for further information!

>>> Is my content publicly available? | No! Just a hash of the contents is registered, from which the original contents can’t be derived.

>>> Nir-vana is the data protection method! | Nir-vana gives you the opportunity to create and exchange information about your projects, consortia, messages, files exchanging in the platform with total security. Your information is yours! And Nir-vana can help you to demonstrate and certify your ownership due to the blockchain technology applied.

It is your turn!

How does it work?
Try it yourself!
Log in to your account and follow the next steps:

  1. Go to any space and post a message. It will show as “SECURING”.
Nirvana introduces blockchain technology
Nirvana introduces blockchain technology
  1. If you click on “SECURING” additional information will show.

    Nirvana introduces blockchain technology
    Nirvana introduces blockchain technology
  2. Once a day, an automatic process collects all new messages in any space and computes a hash that is registered into the Ethereum’s blockchain. After that, your post will look as “SECURED”.

    Nirvana introduces blockchain technology
    Nirvana introduces blockchain technology
  3. Once “SECURED”, if you click on “SECURED” additional details will show. The main idea is that we have obtained a hash of your post, which has been combined with the hashes of other posts to obtain a global hash. The global hash is now on the blockchain technology and it can be used as proof of collaboration. The window explains the whole process and details so that you can prove it.

    Nirvana introduces blockchain technology 4
    Nirvana introduces blockchain technology
  4. When you click on “Here you can download (…)” you get a text file with the list of hashes used to obtain the global hash. In the example, there are 4 hashes, among which my POST hash.

    Nirvana introduces blockchain technology
    Nirvana introduces blockchain technology
  5. When you click on “(..) blockchain transaction” you are directed to the transaction explorer, where all the transactions in the blockchain being used can be seen. In the example, you can see there is a transaction against a smart contract where the global hash is recorded. This transaction is now part of the blockchain and, thus, immutable.

    Nirvana introduces blockchain technology 6
    Nirvana introduces blockchain technology