Nir-vana webinar with Tenderio


Nir-vana Platform collaborates with the LAST TENDERIO WEBINAR on “Evaluation and Contracting”! We will explain how Nir-vana Platform works and all its benefits.

The IAPMEI, I.P. – Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação will also explain their activity in the webinar.

Don’t miss it! We will explain some updates, so… this is a special message to our community: “See you there! “

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About Tenderio

Tenderio combines a pan-European network of consultancy firms specialised in public procurement with the leading public tender search engine for SMEs. Our service helps SMEs identify possible partners and recommends expert consultancies to help write bids and translate materials into the appropriate language.

Tenderio also offers:

  • 1. Country-specific guidelines
  • 2. A benchmarking model on public procurement
  • 3. National training sessions
  • 4. Business-to-procurer days and matchmaking opportunities
  • 5. Tailored coaching and mentoring services
  • 6. Partner search activities
  • 7. A “bidding laboratory”
  • 8. E-Conferences and webinars on how to win tenders abroad