Updates for Nir-vana Platform


– Plan your videocalls and record them in any space
– Worlwide tenders search through Tenderio
– Latest partnership Profiles and Challenges displayed in the main dashboard
– Manage EOIs scrapped from Merlin

Important things to remember about NIR-VANA….

NIR-VANA is an EU project with the objective to develop online services that will help small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to innovatetogether with external partners, often referred to as open or collaborative innovation. Innovation advisors will provide services during the entire innovation process through an online platform where SMEs can collaborate, co-create and co-participate in innovation projects with other SMEs, experts and researchers from all over Europe. Discover who is behind the NIR-vana project!
Several innovation support services are available today. However, many services do not provide enough support, particularly after collaborations have been set up, mainly due to the lack of ongoing monitoring, efficient support methods and innovation management capacity. Likewise, there are many online collaboration tools available spanning from social networks to more advances tools for innovation management. However, many tools are either unknown or not user-friendly enough for SMEs.

Consequently, NIR-VANA will develop an online solution based on training that will not only consider new and existing technologies and platforms but also the innovation culture in SMEs and their ICT readiness. READ MORE ABOUT OPEN INNOVATION!