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Linknovate scouts your field and identifies all top organizations in minutes
Linknovate analyzes millions of data points from patents, publications, websites, news and other sources to identify the most relevant organizations for your need.

Receive real-time data to identify the best matches
Linknovate contacts these organizations about your opportunity, and brings you back their answers. Exponentially increase the touch-points with potential matches and maximize the chances of finding a willing and able partner.

Start your search in less than 5 minutes
1. Tell them more about your need
Help us connect you with the most relevant organizations. Let us know about important keywords for your search, which TRL you care about, the industries that fit best,…
2. Describe your ideal match
Choose whether you want a start-up or a university, whether it needs a certain amount of manufacturing capacity, specific countries you want to focus on, their key industries of experties,…
3. Choose which organizations to contact
Linknovate will search in our database for relevant organizations that match your requirements. You can add more organizations to our list and remove any of the results that we found.
4. Connect with the right partner
We will then contact all those organizations for you, and bring information on whether they are able and willing to partner with you to solve your need. You will receive real-time updates when relevant matches respond.