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We consider open innovation as a way of life! So, we are always open to interesting collaborations with innovation experts. Nir-vana wants to announce our recent collaboration with Tenderio platform. Nir-vana team is working on the integration of Tenderio. Coming soon all Nir-vana users will have access to valuable information about 1,500 new tenders in Europe every day.

Discover what is Tenderio, its characteristics and who is leading the project. Start now!

What is Tenderio?

SMEs are able to access this information using a simple search function that aligns live tender opportunities most suited to their business needs and expertise. But Tenderio is not only a search engine for tenders. The sophisticated online tool also provides members with access to 40 consultancies across Europe who can provide the help many will need in successfully bidding for tenders in their own countries and others. Tenderio also identifies possible partners for members, which generally increases their success rate when bidding.

Why Tenderio?

The service is free for all SMEs to join, with a premium package available that offers enhanced services.
All members are able to:

  • Search for tenders in their specified market area across Europe
  • Ask Tenderio for help through the online helpdesk
  • Receive introductions to potential partners to increase success rates
  • Receive introductions to carefully selected consultancies experienced in bidding for tenders, helping with tender writing, translation and dealing with bureaucracy
  • Get access to country-specific guidelines on public procurement to make bidding that much easier (countries covered are Slovakia, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal and Spain)
  • Benchmark their company against successful bidders in their sector to align themselves to best practice

Premium services include:

  • National training sessions
  • Business-to-procurer days and matchmaking opportunities
  • Tailored coaching and mentoring services
  • Partner search activities
  • A “bidding laboratory”
  • e-conferences and webinars on how to win a tender abroad
  • Monthly one-on-one Skype consultations with an expert
  • Automatic notifications as soon as a relevant tender is detected

Who is behind Tenderio?

Tenderio is being coordinated by PEDAL Consulting and involves various EU partners, including Estonian management consultancy CIVITTA, Q-PLAN International Advisory from Greece, Portuguese marketing and communication company LOBA, and the research dissemination agency Insight Publishers from the UK.

Robert Miskuf, managing director of Pedal Consulting, is delighted with the launch of Tenderio and the website going live. “All SMEs that want improved access to the millions of Euros of public funding available every year should visit the site, join and start searching the world for new business.” he says.

“It’s all out there and with Tenderio’s help, many more SMEs will be able take advantage of business opportunities from across Europe.”

Visit and find out what you have been missing.