New platform, new year!

New platform, new year!

We have changed our platform, now Change Your Innovation Process!

As we look forward to 2018, we have changed interface of the NIR-VANA Platform that enables people all around the world to realize their innovation goals with collaborating in a secured and trusted working environment.

It’s now easier for SMEs, EENs and other innovation advisors to find a right partner supporting you in the process with the brand new corporate platform.

More benefits!

NIR-VANA is the new innovation platform unifying search,network and collaborate. You can be connected with a big innovation network consisting of SMEs and innovation advisors from all over the world. SMEs have the opportunity to find an innovation advisor for their innovation journey, helping them to find funding and right partners. The platform is growing with the amount of members and innovations and so we all together are creating this world where innovative ideas become true.

NIR-VANA is not only the right platform to find the right partners but also your team for bringing your innovation alive. The main function on NIR-VANA to go the next step ahead. Your innovation is only that good how good you set up the implementation process and bring your innovation into reality. NIR-VANA has therefore the right working environment, where you can set up your team how to work together and define the project management.

You can search for what you need by yourself – funding, partners and knowledge. And once you found it, you can use NIR-VANA as your working tool for collaboration.

Start first with creating your profile and get familiar with the platform itself!

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4th Annual World Open Innovation Conference

4th Annual World Open Innovation Conference

The 4th Annual World Open Innovation Conference returns to California! This year, the event will be held in the epicenter of Silicon Valley – San Francisco. After three successful events, the World Open Innovation Conference has established itself as one of the most well attended Open Innovation conferences in the world. Industry leaders and academic scholars […]