NIR-VANA integrates LINKNOVATE to scout partners and market information

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 José López Veiga, principal engineer R&D at Linknovate, as speaker at the Nir-vana training session in La Salle Barcelona


Linknovate has developed a software platform targeting tech seekers -enabling them to search across millions of data points (sources), draw insights with advanced visualization tools, save topics to stay cartier pasha stainless steel bracelet
posted on the latest, connect with those with the answers- and tech providers -enabling them to market their capabilities, connect with new clients and partners, access grants and business opportunities-.

In the NIR-VANA project we enable innovators and innovation advisors to search for potential partners, competitors and technology trends using Linknovate. Through Linknovate they can search using keyworks in the areas of expertise of their interest. The results can be filtered by source (conferences, publications, grants, patents, trademarks, news, web monitoring), entity cartier love bangle type (Corporations, Small Companies, Universities, Research Labs), Date, Location, Grant money and Grant Origin. Several value-added data analytics graphical representations are offered, such as: Data Source Distribution, Entity Distribution, Topic Trends Evolution over time, Commercial Readiness Level, Documents Authors Per Year, Public Funding Amount of public money flowing replica cartier to the topic (Grants), Entity Collaboration Graph, Entity Distribution Per Country, Relevant keywords per year

From NIR-VANA and through an integrated search box we connect to Linknovate services.



Manuel Noya , co-founder (left) · José López Veiga, principal engineer R&D (right)


Linknovate is a startup founded in 2012, in Palo Alto (CA) at the Stanford University accelerator program, with the objective to help companies identify emerging technologies, and technology-enabled markets, and the key-players behind them. Linknovate provides “Competitive Intelligence as a Service”. They do this by developing software tools, like their search engine: and by providing personalized reports (which involve analysts work and human curation beyond machine learning and NLP). They serve clients in multiple industries such as energy (Repsol), automotive (Faurcia, BMW), consumer electronics (Jabil Inc.), healthcare (Acis), biotech (IBA-Group).
Business areas: they are an ICT company, but their business is transversal. Areas where they have done projects for their clients (energy, electronics, automotive, defense, food & drinks, oil & gas, software, aerospace, manufacturing, biotech, media and TV).


– 2014. Hola Cloud (ICT Cloud Computing). Awarded by: European Commission
– 2015. Finodex (FiWare Open Data European Accelerator). Awarded by: European Commission
– 2016. Recap (ICT Cloud Computing). Awarded by: European Commission
– 2016. SME Instrument phase 1. Awarded by: European Commission

– 2013. Selected by StartX for the Stanford University Accelerator Program in Palo Alto
– 2016. Selected by Microsoft for the Microsoft Accelerator Program in Berlin

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