Nir-vana: the open innovation platform starts the pilot phase

We are proud to announce:
we start our pilot phase!

Our team has been working hard developing the platform, improving the tool, organizing training events in order to get feedback from the best experts, meetings to consider new updates, and… it’s time to start the pilot phase now!

The pilot of this project is an opportunity to demonstrate and validate the software replica cartier platform (the “NIR”) and the training content. It is a way to test for the first time the technical capabilities of the software and its features – and to evaluate the training content and experience the platform in real time with the end-users.

The pilot will be carried out in two phases
Phase 1 objectives: during phase 1 of the pilot validation, each of the 3 EEN consortium partners, La Salle and the SMEs’ association (IKMIB) will run/implement 1 pilot action in their respective areas of geographical coverage/responsibility. The final purpose of these 5 pilot actions is to deploy cartier bracelet and test the outputs we have worked until now.

The pilot implementation will allow the consortium gathering valuable and direct feedback from the final users (mainly innovation advisors but SMEs as well). These latter will test over 6 months the training content/programme, the ICT tools and the related services. The pilot’s scope of Phase 1 will be limited to a manageable size (in terms of number of records and individuals involved) in order to allow the Consortium to determine whether:
* the tool is appropriate cartier pasha stainless steel bracelet
for use by the (EEN) Innovation advisors and SMEs
* the tool can easily cartier love bracelet replica be customized
* it can be deployed on a wider-scale
* further complexities can / should be introduced

Coming soon… further information for the 2nd pilot phase.

Participate in the pilot phase!

– Are you an innovation advisor or working in an EEN?
– Yes! And… I need to improve my productivity throughout the day.
It’s very stressful when I’ve to create consortiums, gather information, contact experts one by one…

– Good 😉 this is the right & a new place for you. We invite you to contact us and see how our tool can help you.

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